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  •  - "The highlight of working with Nick was the collaborative process. Nick has a remarkable knack for facilitating your ideas, allowing you to stay within the creative process whilst continually improving the direction and the content. This allows you to maintain an element of ownership from the point of conception, and to deliver something really quite unique."  - Paul Tomkins, Music Producer - Vitalized Music.
  •  - "Nick came highly recommended by friends and industry peers alike, and as a result we had the pleasure of having him down as one of our official photographers at Noisily 2015. He captured a plethora of moments that would have otherwise been lost to memory, providing us and our team with an excellent stock of imagery for promoting future events, but beyond that, keep sakes for the future. Brilliant photographer, and really great to work with". Charles Audley, Director at Noisily Festival of Music & Arts.
  •  - "We went to Nick with a whole world of different ideas, that after a couple of hours of discussion he helped us refine into a slick and concise concept. The results of the shoot were dramatic and distinct with some great options to choose from". - Ed West - The Drop, Musician & Music Producer.
  •  - "Nick took pictures of my bike for the SETTE NERO project. That day I simply showed the bike and let him get on with it, no need for input when someone knows what he is looking at! I could not recommend more Nick’s passionate work and professionalism." - Andrea Felice - Motorcycle Designer/Builder - Sette Nero Motorcycles.
  •  - "Nick has been my go to, for inspirational images for both my albums. His work is wide ranging, always inventive, and when I had titles for the albums in mind, he had just the right, multi layered imagery I needed. Always a pleasure to work with." - Roberto Sodano, Audioglider.
  •  - "Nick is our go-to guy.. His photography is absolutely stunning and he's a total gent to work with." - The Future Dub Project